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Simple Kitchen Makeovers

There is no need to replace your kitchen cabinets, if they are constructed from real wood. Most people love the idea of natural wood cabinets so instead of replacing them, why not consider updating them? Changing the hardware is a simple way to give your kitchen cabinets an updated look. There are countless styles and designs available, and most of them can be had at extremely fair prices.

Adding a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance of your cabinets. It is simple enough to remove the cabinet doors and repaint them. Be sure to clean them properly beforehand. A light sanding will also help ensure that the new paint adheres properly. There are so many colors of paint to choose from. Consider using one of the antique finishes that have become so popular in recent times.

A quality countertop is another viable option for upgrading the appearance of your kitchen. A marble or granite countertop may seem like an expensive upgrade, but if you are selling your home this simple upgrade

About Pergo Floors

Pergo Glueless Floors
The glueless floor is the easiest Pergo style to install, but it is also the priciest. The glueless floor is installed by an interlocking groove and tongue system. The edges of the floor pieces have a special sealant that keeps moisture from getting beneath the floor. All the tools you will need for the glueless Pergo floors installment are a hammer, a saw, tightening straps, and a tapping block. Glueless Pergo floors have an adhesive strip located on the bottom of the piece that will adhere to almost any sub floor, except carpeting. If you have confidence in your do-it-yourself skills and the room in your budget, these Pergo floors are perfect for you. You just need a basic knowledge of tools and measurements.

Pre-Glued Pergo Floors
This type of Pergo flooring has glue pre-applied to the tongue of each piece. You simply wet the tongue, and adhere it when the tongue turns lime green. This type of floor will probably take a little more expertise to install, but you do not have to

Laundry Rooms

If you are lucky enough to have a large laundry room, you can install cabinetry that will hold all your laundry supplies, as well as household cleaning supplies, ironing board, iron, wrapping paper, ribbon, and crafts. A sink for cleaning hand-washables and a wood bar to hang your freshly ironed shirts are just some “perks” that can be added to your laundry room. A counter area for folding finished laundry also becomes a space for craft projects or a gift-wrap station. Utilizing front-loading washers and dryers allows a counter to be used on top of what would normally be wasted space.

If you have a small laundry room, you can still install upper wall cabinets over your washer and dryer. There are many gadgets on the market that you can utilize in a smaller laundry room such as wall-mounted, closeable clothing hangers; storage units that fit between a washer and dryer; and collapsible brackets, which allow you to have a counter for folding laundry, but which folds down when not in use.

With all the decorative

Install Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Gather your tools. When you install your ceramic tile backsplash, it is best to gather all the tools you will need in advance. You will need the tiles, a straight edge, a ceramic tile cutter, grout, adhesive, applicators, a pencil, and other materials. Gathering your tools before you start to install the backsplash will prevent you from needing to make a trip to the store while in the middle of the progress.

Cut the tiles. You may need to cut some of the ceramic tiles before you begin. It is best to cut the tiles before you begin assembling the ceramic backsplash because once you lay down the grout, you’ll want to put the tiles on it immediately. Use a ceramic tile cutter or a ceramic tile jig. When cutting, make sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes. Also learn how to use the equipment properly to prevent injury.

Install the ceramic tile backsplash. After making all the preparations you are finally ready to install the ceramic tile backsplash. First, you’ll want to turn the electricity off for any outlets that you are working near. If you accidentally put a tool into the sockets you

Furnace Humidifiers

Conditioning the amount of moisture in the air with a furnace humidifier is necessary for your family’s health. Dry air in your home can make your throat feel dry, and cause or aggravate respiratory ailments.

Inadequate humidification during cold weather is one of the major causes of respiratory infections. The heating seasons causes people to begin having repeated attacks of winter colds. Winter is blamed for these problems, but the actual cause is dryness, which develops in the membranes of the nose, throat and bronchial tubes. Relative humidity also has a significant effect on controlling the occurrence of airborne infections.

The one thing we can do about alleviating some of the discomfort of colds, dry noses and dehydrated skin is to install a humdifier in the home, where we spend most of our time. Actually, for many, dry air is an air-quality issue. Dry air promotes the growth of some bacteria, viruses and respiratory irritants that in sensitive individuals cause conditions worse than dry skin. Adequate moisture enables the body’s immune system to defend better against indoor respiratory pollutants and irritants.

Humidity in the home will affect your comfort. Since the air in your home

Roof Materials For Log Home

Laminated Fiberglass Shingles: Also called architectural or dimensional shingles, this shingle is still made from a mixture of asphalt and fiberglass, but is built much thicker, giving it a more three-dimensional look. Architectural shingles make the roof look more textured, are larger than a standard shingle, and come in an amazing variety of shapes. They are usually guaranteed for 40 years and could easily cost twice as much as standard asphalt shingles.

Metal Roof: Metal is one of the more sought-after roofing materials for log homes. Usually made of steel, aluminum or copper, the most commonly discussed metal roof is the standing seam – sometimes called vertical panel – roof. You can also get metal shingles that resemble cedar shakes, slate, or tile. There are several advantages to using a metal roof, not the least of which is its fire resistance. These roofs are also remarkably lightweight, and stand up to hurricane-force winds. This roof will generally cost about $100-$600 per 100 square feet (very big range of materials and composition). Life expectancy is anywhere from 30-50 years up to 100 years.

Cedar Shakes and Shingles: The difference between a Cedar Shake and a Shingle is

Air Duct Cleaning

The standard answer in this industry is as I mentioned above, every 3 to 5 years however, one must take several things in to consideration, a more frequent air duct cleaning should be performed if:

1) there are smokers in the house

2) there are shedding pets in the house

3) there has been recent remodeling work

4) there are numerous occupants in the home

5) you are not very tidy

6) the cold air return vents are located on the floors versus on the walls

7) you are moving into a new home

these are just a few of the reasons why one might consider a more frequent air duct cleaning schedule.

If you are unsure as to weather or not you are due for an air duct cleaning, I suggest that you remove one of the cold air registers in you home and have a look inside, If you don’t like what you see then hire an air duct cleaning company.

Install Laminate Floors

A level, no-bounce sub floor is the prime requirement for installation. If the sub floor is made of wood then it must be ensured that the moisture content there is not more than 12%. Moisture barrier is also not to be used over a wood sub floor or sub floor of wood product. Sub floors of other material should be necessarily dry before installation. While cutting planks, sawdust is created. This contains aluminum oxide that can scratch the floor. So, the planks should preferably be cut at a place away from the installation site.

Though essentially the installation guidelines of most manufacturers are the same, some fine differences exist regarding aspects such as gluing. One needs to be careful while following instructions. The tapping block can be used to get the planks together. The planks will go together easily if glued properly. In no case should the boards be banged together. Chipping or raising of edges may crop up in such cases.

A gap along the perimeter of the installation of a quarter inch should be accounted for. The floor should not be touching a wall, nor should it be too close to it. If the

Simple Dining Chairs

Turn your chairs over, and you might notice that the fabric covering the chair is stapled in place. By removing the fabric, you’ve made the first step. This can be done by removing the staples, or by cutting the fabric around the staples.

Next, measure the dimensions of the chairs for the fabric to use as covering. When buying the fabric, choose a durable fabric that is relatively easy to clean. Also, make sure to leave at least an extra foot for each side of the chair. This ensures that there is enough fabric to fit over the padding and enough to be anchored to the bottom of the chair. It’s better to have too much than not enough. You can always trim the excess.

Choose padding that is durable as well. Foam padding works well. Most large fabric and craft specialty shops sell padding that is especially designed for upholstery. A little extra padding is a good idea for each of the chairs as well.

After buying the supplies (don’t forget to buy a staple gun and staples at the hardware store–a clerk should be able to help you find what you need), trace

Selecting Right Kitchen Sink

There are so many styles of kitchen sinks to choose from today, from contemporary to rustic, in a large range of materials, colors and shapes.

Let us look at several kinds of kitchen sinks.

· Stainless steel – Popular choice for many homeowners. This material can go very well in a modern kitchen with clean lines. Stainless steel has the advantage of being easy to clean. Some disadvantages of this material is the fact that it can be easily dented and it can be noisy.

· Nickel, and Copper – Kitchen sinks can be made in other metals besides stainless steel. Metals sinks can be beautiful, but also more expensive. Nickel is the hardest of the two metals. At the current time copper is considered very popular. Copper requires no maintenance if it is a pure copper sink.

· Porcelain enamel on cast iron – This material is another popular choice for kitchen sinks because of its durability and it large range of quality, style, and colors. Porcelain enamel kitchen sinks usually last about 25 to 30 years or more. The surface of these type of kitchen sink is composed of ground glass melted

Bedroom With Fine Linens

Instead they cross their fingers and hope the colors will work or that the bed sheet’s thread count really is what the label says it is. And your fingertips can tell the difference between fine linens, (it’s called ‘the hand of a fabric’) and cheaper knockoffs that are blends of combed cotton and synthetics.

The market for bedding, linen and bath accessories by specialty household furnishing stores has grown significantly with the recent housing boom. These customers have disposable income, a passion for luxury in their homes, and the need for design direction to recreate the interior styles they see in design magazines. The real art of interior design is helping these customers figure out what they really want, what will work, and what is affordable.

Limited design projects may be your ticket. You can easily accomplish a bedroom makeover – for instance sheets, duvet cover, shams, and punch it up with tossed pillows to match your rugs. You can even do a custom headboard or a window treatment with drapes that fits your style and budget.

Right Ladder for Home

Aluminum Ladders

Ladders made with Aluminum offer a lightweight and strong alternative to other ladder types. The benefits to this are obvious, allowing for transportation and use of the ladder with ease. The aluminum ladder is also resistant to most normal wear and tear gained by ladders made of other materials. Aluminum also does not need coating and will not crack like it’s wooden counterpart.

Disadvantages: Aluminum ladders can’t be used in situations involving intense heat or electricity due to its conductive nature.

Wood Ladders

The wood ladder is the traditional ladder type. Most wood ladders are made of a combination of hardwoods and softwoods, which result in a very strong ladder. Wood ladders also do not conduct electricity, so they can be used in places where aluminum ladders cannot.

Disadvantages: Wood ladders tend to get very heavy compared to their aluminum counterpart. In addition, they need a varnish to help preserve the life of the wood. Wood ladders are also susceptible to aging such as cracks and rot.

Fiberglass Ladders

Fiberglass ladders are the newest form of ladder. Fiberglass is a man-made material that, like wood, doesn’t conduct electricity when

Information of Types Carpeting

The first material I will discuss is Olefin or Polypropylene. Olefin is generally a lower end carpeting but it does have several good qualities. For example, it absorbs very little moisture, less than 1%. This can make it hard to stain. Olefin is also usually solution died which means that the color runs all the way through the fiber and it can not be bleached. It unfortunately has many drawbacks as well. One of which is the fact that Olefin is a soft fiber. This may sound good, since everyone wants a nice soft carpet, but it is not. Olefin being soft, will crush and wear easily giving it a shorter life than other fibers. It also attracts grease like a magnet. Within a year or two an Olefin carpet will often develop dark traffic paths that are difficult or impossible to clean. Choose this type of carpet if you only need a carpet that lasts a few years or if you will be putting it into a rental.

The next fiber and probably the most popular is Nylon. Nylon is more expensive but it doesn’t have the drawbacks of Olefin. It is a harder fiber and

Ceramic Tile Underlayments

Plywood- just a single layer of plywood isn’t rigid enough to stop floor deflection. It needs to be covered over with an additional layer of exterior-grade plywood to achieve a total thickness of at least 1 1/8 inch. You can either (A)- Cover the plywood with a cement backer board (more on these below) or (B) Cover the existing plywood with a second layer of exterior grade plywood. Under either of these, a thin-set mortar is applied to eliminate air gaps. Additionally, in bathrooms, it’s recommended to lay a “shower pan” over your wood subfloor. This refers to thin rubberized materials that protect the tile from floor expansion and contraction due to moisture, temperature and humidity.

Cement Backer Board – These are prefabricated, lightweight concrete sheets used to cover wood subfloors. It has a dense Portland concrete core and fiberglass surfaces both sides and is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. Brand names include DUROCK, UTILICRETE, WONDERBOARD and GLASCRETE. Joints of the backer board sheets should be staggered such that they don’t fall directly over the wood subfloor joints.

Mortar Bed- Mud beds, or mortar beds, are used by professional tile contractors mostly. They’re composed

Caring For Your Floor

We use and misuse the floor in our house in a number of different ways. Some of which are, not cleaning them regularly, rough usage and improper usage of acids and detergents. Floors need specific care, and not many people are aware of how to do it. But there are a number of floor care techniques that can be followed for a healthy, long lasting and durable floor under your feet. You should be very careful while making a choice of how to clean your floor by being material specific. For instance – if you have marble flooring, the care measures will be completely different, than those of a mosaic floor. Also if you are not too much into house keeping, it is recommended that you choose a material that requires minimal care and maintenance.

Following are some floor care tips according to flooring materials that are used for flooring –

1. Hard wood floors – All you have to do is protect your hard wood from direct sunlight, dents and hard cleaning detergents. Also regular dusting is very essential.

2. Marble – Marble is the most beautiful and rich looking flooring material. Marble can

About Room Additions

The walls of the room should be installed with straight sections that are built on correct centers. Correct centers will insure that the insulation and wall covering that you select will fit properly. Care should be taken on existing foundations and the correct methods should be used to correlate with those foundations. A slab or an extension of the foundation must be built to coincide with the size and weight of the room. Correct roofing materials should be purchased to coincide with the rest of the house. Knowledgeable workers must install the roofing material to protect the room from water damage.

It is a good idea to weather proof the room as soon as possible. That entails putting on a roof and installing the walls onto the foundation. Doors, windows and ceiling panels can now be added. Once this is accomplished you can begin electrical work. Installing air conditioning systems can be next in accompaniment with the installation of the ceiling. Different materials are offered to the consumer for this purpose. After the electrical wiring has been installed in the walls and ceiling insulation can be added to the room. The location of electrical outlets, ceiling fans

Cure for Kitchen Clutter

In a kitchen-only kitchen, countertop clutter may not be offensive or objectionable at all. It serves a purpose and we get used to seeing it and having it in our lives. But clutter can destroy the look of a kitchen that is trying to blend into another room. The chaotic look of clutter is generally an unplanned assault to the eye, typically the same eye that chose the cabinetry, appliances and countertops to blend so well together in the first place! Clutter however, should not be mistaken as a form of accessorizing, where everything on display is specifically chosen to create a desired theme. Accessorizing can actually enhance the room blending process, but it is difficult to maintain over time as our daily lives change. On the other hand, real countertop clutter that accumulates over time is so diverse that it is obvious that it is completely unplanned.

Clutter can be just about anything that sits on the countertop. Most common are food canisters and condiment containers for salt and pepper, vinegar and oil etc. Clutter can be a basket filled with car keys and notepads, boxes of cereal, an assortment of spices, crockery filled with cooking

Info of Quick Home Maintenance

Fixing a chair

Are you trying to fix an old chair? If so, we suggest drilling pilot holes and driving screws via the rungs bottom and into the chair legs.

Vinyl Door or Window

If your vinyl doors or windows don’t open properly, the channels may have accumulated gunk. At times, even clean doors and windows may bind. You may spray dry spray lubricant on the target areas and then use a rag to wipe it off. Using oil lubricants is not a good idea as they can catch dirt damaging the vinyl.

Repairing a Shutoff Valve

If the shutoff value is faulty, you can get it replaced. But if you can’t, you should go to the nearby hardware store to buy a good replacement washer. Remove the grit from the valve and fit the new washer. This will fix the problem.

Loose Showerhead

If you want to fix a problematic showerhead or a wobbly pipe, you can use some expanding foam. With the foam, you can encase the pipe and fix it. This will remove the wobble.

Use a Smoke Detector

If you don’t have enough time or

Build Simple Potting Bench

Tools: A screwdriver, a small box wrench or crescent wrench, or if you have a 1/4″ drive socket set that’s even better. A tape measure, a small square, a drill, and a power saw.

Materials: One full sheet (4′ by 8′) of 3/4″ treated plywood. Make sure it is treated so it will last a long time. Untreated plywood does not hold up well at all outdoors.

15 dohickeys (you know, those little metal angle brackets, or corner brackets used to connect two boards together at a right angle.) These metal brackets are bent in a 90 degree angle and have two holes drilled in them.

30 bolts with nuts 1-¼” long, and the correct size to fit the angle brackets you buy.

60 flat washers that fit the bolts.

“Mike’s Legless Potting Bench”
If you use this article you can use the photos that accompany the article, as long as you leave the reference to on the photos.

Notice in the above referenced photo that one end of the bench is resting on the potting soil pile, and the other on concrete blocks. Not having legs is really an advantage because you

All about Inspiring Home Designs

Another idea could be to make an ‘outdoors’ house, taking inspiration from your garden in how to design your home. This means lots of greens and blues, lots of plants, outdoor fragrances, lots of windows – a real outdoor feel indoors.

Indeed, the best way to design a home yourself is often to just pick a theme and take it as far as it will go. I know a couple with a ‘space house’, complete with portraits of rockets and black ceilings with painted stars – it sounds silly, but it’s really interesting to look at. Whatever you’re passionate about, make your house show it.

Don’t forget, though, that redecorating doesn’t have to be all about tearing things down and buying new stuff. You can get a long way with a few posters, ornaments, or just reorganising or repainting your furniture. You really don’t need to break the bank and hire a handyman to get your ideal home, as a little work can go a long way.