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Install Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Gather your tools. When you install your ceramic tile backsplash, it is best to gather all the tools you will need in advance. You will need the tiles, a straight edge, a ceramic tile cutter, grout, adhesive, applicators, a pencil, and other materials. Gathering your tools before you start to install the backsplash will prevent you from needing to make a trip to the store while in the middle of the progress.

Cut the tiles. You may need to cut some of the ceramic tiles before you begin. It is best to cut the tiles before you begin assembling the ceramic backsplash because once you lay down the grout, you’ll want to put the tiles on it immediately. Use a ceramic tile cutter or a ceramic tile jig. When cutting, make sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes. Also learn how to use the equipment properly to prevent injury.

Install the ceramic tile backsplash. After making all the preparations you are finally ready to install the ceramic tile backsplash. First, you’ll want to turn the electricity off for any outlets that you are working near. If you accidentally put a tool into the sockets you could get electrocuted. Then, wash the wall thoroughly with soap and warm water.

Make sure the wall is completely dry before you go on to the next step. Next, spread the adhesive on the wall using an applicator. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, start laying down the tile. Start at the center of the design and work outward. Let the adhesive dry and then apply grout. Follow the mixing and application directions provided by the company that made the grout.