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Simple Dining Chairs

Turn your chairs over, and you might notice that the fabric covering the chair is stapled in place. By removing the fabric, you’ve made the first step. This can be done by removing the staples, or by cutting the fabric around the staples.

Next, measure the dimensions of the chairs for the fabric to use as covering. When buying the fabric, choose a durable fabric that is relatively easy to clean. Also, make sure to leave at least an extra foot for each side of the chair. This ensures that there is enough fabric to fit over the padding and enough to be anchored to the bottom of the chair. It’s better to have too much than not enough. You can always trim the excess.

Choose padding that is durable as well. Foam padding works well. Most large fabric and craft specialty shops sell padding that is especially designed for upholstery. A little extra padding is a good idea for each of the chairs as well.

After buying the supplies (don’t forget to buy a staple gun and staples at the hardware store–a clerk should be able to help you find what you need), trace a pattern, using the chairs, on some good poster board. This pattern will be used to properly cut out the padding.

Using a pencil, and the pattern, trace a guide on the padding. As you cut the padding into the proper shape for placement on the chairs, it is a good idea to leave half an inch to an inch. When the fabric is pulled tight over the padding and chairs, the extra will ensure that the entire seat is covered.

Next, place the fabric, design side down, spread out on the floor. Place the padding in the middle of the fabric. Next, match the seats of the chairs to the padding. Bring up the sides, so that they are ready to be stapled to the underside of the chairs. The task can be made easier with help. Pull the fabric tight, but not so tight that there isn’t any give, and staple the fabric. Trim any excess fabric.